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The services mentioned here represent just some of the types of

projects Now Counsel Network freelance lawyers can help you with

Summary Judgment Motions

Summary judgment motions can be time-consuming, for both the movant and the opponent. As a result, this is one of the most popular types of projects to outsource. In addition to researching and drafting the brief, Now Counsel Network freelance lawyers can also draft any supporting affidavits, affirmations or declarations that may be required. With today’s collaboration and file-sharing tools, working “virtually” isn’t a barrier to collaborating on document-intensive projects such as summary judgment motions.

Quick Research Projects

There are many occasions when you don’t need a brief (or even an internal memorandum): you just need to know what the law is on a particular issue, in light of the facts of your case. Perhaps the research results will inform your position during settlement negotiations or at a court conference. Or they may help you refine your litigation strategy. They may even help you decide whether to accept a new engagement. Now Counsel Network freelance lawyers can help you with all your legal research needs.

Perfecting or Responding to Appeals

Many lawyers have no difficulty drafting complex trial-level motions, but won’t touch an appeal with a 10-foot pole because of appellate courts’ detailed procedural requirements. Other lawyers aren’t intimidated by appeals, but just don’t have enough time to devote to this kind of project.

Now Counsel Network freelance lawyers can assist you with all stages of the appellate process, including supervising an appellate services provider’s work compiling and organizing the record; researching the legal issues; drafting the opening and reply briefs (or, if you represent the respondent, drafting the opposition brief); engaging in appellate motion practice; and presenting oral argument.

Client Letters

Although clients sometimes expect lawyers to know, off the top of their heads, how general legal principles apply to their specific cases, we know that, in order to properly counsel clients, it’s often necessary to research a legal issue in depth. Legal research can inform case strategy and even suggest additional possible courses of action.

Once the legal research and analysis are completed, the next step is to clearly communicate your analysis and recommendations to your client, without getting bogged down in the legalese that can be off-putting (and rightly so) to non-lawyers. Now Counsel Network freelance lawyers have experience writing for all kinds of audiences, from appellate judges, to sophisticated businesspeople, to litigants who have never before been involved in a legal proceeding.

Drafting Pleadings

Often taken for granted by busy litigators, pleadings are the foundational documents of your client’s case. They’re your first opportunity to persuade your adversary—and the court—that your client will ultimately prevail. Like a bespoke suit, your pleading should be carefully fitted to the specific facts supporting your claims. Failure to identify a particular cause of action or defense, or to plead an allegation essential to a prima facie case may result in waiver of the claim, dismissal, or in costly and time-consuming motion practice to supplement or amend. A Now Counsel Network freelance lawyer can help you draft an effective “first strike” pleading.

Marketing and Communications

Marketing and communications for lawyers

You know that publishing articles—whether in existing publications that your potential clients read or as posts on your firm’s blog or in its newsletter—is an effective marketing technique. But, between client work and your other marketing activities, it’s hard to find the time to write. Maybe you’ve even gone as far as hiring a freelance writer without a legal background, only to discover that the writer missed important legal nuances and the work required extensive editing. NCN’s freelance lawyers can help you reach your business development goals, whether you need a writer, an editor, or a marketing strategist.

Mentoring from a Retired Judge

Mentoring from a retired judge

Ever wish you could get a preview of the judge’s opinion before you argue your case? Now you can get valuable insight from a retired judge into the strengths and weaknesses of your argument before you present it in the courtroom or at a settlement conference. From her unique perspective as a 14-year veteran of the bench, Judge Eileen not only gives you an honest critique of your arguments, she also helps you improve them.

Judge Eileen offers her services in various formats:

  • In-person sessions in the New York City metropolitan area (no extra fees for travel time or expenses)
  • Telephone sessions
  • Analysis of briefs and other documents outside an in-person session
  • Six-month or annual retainer (can cover multiple engagements)

Post-trial Motions

post trial motions

You gave it your all, but you lost at trial. Because you think the judge or jury reached the wrong result, it’s time to make a post-trial motion.

But while you were on trial, work on your other cases was piling up back at the office. Plus, after the intense work required to prepare for, and be on, trial, you’re a bit burned out and in need of a rest. Unfortunately, civil procedure rules in state and federal courts don’t make things easy on trial attorneys: they generally require that post-trial motions be made within weeks after a decision or verdict is rendered. Whether you’re moving for a new trial, for judgment as a matter of law or to alter or amend a judgment, Now Counsel Network Freelance Lawyers can help. 

Motions to Dismiss

By Derrek_Lee_called_out.jpg: Keith Allison derivative work: Delaywaves talk (Derrek_Lee_called_out.jpg) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

When a complaint is served, your client wants you to do one thing: make the case go away. When you succeed in having a case dismissed at the pleading stage, your client saves money that would otherwise go towards legal fees and avoids the aggravation that accompanies defending a lawsuit. It’s wise, then, to carefully analyze every complaint that comes in to determine whether it might be subject to dismissal.

Even if an entire action isn’t subject to dismissal, it’s generally worthwhile to seek dismissal of those claims that lack merit: successfully challenging some of the claims can substantially reduce both the costs of discovery and the recoverable damages. Now Counsel Network freelance lawyers can help you identify and implement proactive defense strategies.

Drafting or Responding to Discovery

Litigators are familiar with two types of discovery demands. There are boilerplate, one-size-fits-all forms, drafted and served in every case, with no more thought than is required for a few strokes on a keyboard. With luck, the demands are sufficiently broad, and the adversary is sufficiently indifferent, that something resembling a substantive response is exchanged. Then there are demands specifically tailored to the facts and issues presented by the particular matter. They’re designed to compel disclosure of pertinent evidence necessary to your case, and if motion practice is necessary to compel compliance, they’ll withstand the judge’s scrutiny.

Responding to discovery demands can be tedious, but your claims or defenses can be irreparably damaged if it’s not done with care. Failure to properly respond to discovery demands can result in preclusion of essential evidence, or even dismissal of your pleading. Now Counsel Network’s experienced freelance lawyers will draft and respond to disclosure demands with pinpoint accuracy.

Legal Editing

Perhaps you’ve drafted a brief, but you want to make sure you got your arguments across clearly, and in the most persuasive way possible. Or maybe you’ve written an article for publication, and would like to make sure it’s polished before you submit it. Whatever your legal editing needs, Now Counsel Network freelance lawyers can help. They’ve edited everything from briefs to books, and can edit your document for grammar, style and (for briefs) argument structure.

Second Chairing Trials

You’ve exhausted every possibility to settle the complex case that’s consumed much of your attention for several years. Efficient and orderly presentation of your case to the judge and jury is critical to your success. Now Counsel Network can pair you with an experienced trial attorney to serve as your second chair, providing you another pair of eyes and hands to assist you throughout the trial, to ensure that your advocacy is polished and persuasive.

Motions in Limine

That case you’ve been litigating for the past 18 months is finally going to trial. A successful motion in limine will really take the wind out of the opposing party’s sails, but you’re busy preparing your opening and working up lines of questioning for the important witnesses.

When you need a little extra help implementing your trial strategy, a Now Counsel Network freelance lawyer can be your behind-the-scenes secret weapon.

Taking or Defending Depositions

You’ve completed the exchange of initial “paper” discovery; now it’s time to face litigants and witnesses and take testimony. Depositions can be time-consuming, full day affairs. Let Now Counsel Network’s freelance lawyers take care of the field work, and free you to manage your other matters and your office.