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Practice Areas

constitutional law, copyright, corporate, immigration


New York, United State Supreme Court, United States District Court for the Southern and Eastern Districts of New York


Fordham University School of Law, J.D., 1999

University of Texas at Austin, School of Library Sciences, MLIS, 1993

Temple University, Tyler School of Art, MFA (sculpture), 1992

University of Texas at Austin, School of Fine Arts, B.F.A., 1989

As the Qatar University Law Librarian in Doha, Quatar from 2013 through 2016, Paul’s duties included conducting research for professors, reviewing contracts, and editing legal and non-legal academic articles and memoranda. An important aspect of his job was being able to work with people from diverse, international backgrounds.

In 2013, Paul worked for the Midori Law Group, a boutique firm specializing in obtaining non-immigrant visas for IT engineers from Japan. His focus was writing support letters for B and E visas.

Paul was in academia from 2002 through 2013. He was a legal writing and research teacher at DePaul University College of Law (2009–2013), South Texas College of Law (2008–2009), and St. Mary’s University School of Law (2006–2008). Paul held multiple positions at Fordham University School of Law. From 2004 through 2006, he was Head of Circulation at the Fordham University Law Library; he was the evening and weekend reference librarian there from 2002 to 2004. He also taught Advanced Legal Research for three semesters, training students in all forms of legal research, including type of material (primary and secondary sources) and unique materials based on subject matter (including litigation, intellectual property, and regulatory practice such as securities and immigration).

In 2008, Paul worked, pro bono, on the petition for certiorari in Serafin v. School of Excellence in Education. He did much of the research on different federal court of appeal cases, as the appeal turned on a circuit split unresolved by the Supreme Court. While the Court ultimately denied cert, the petition was persuasive enough that the Court ordered a response to the petition.

Paul worked at Stull, Stull, & Brody in 2002 in private federal securities litigation, primarily pre-trial motion practice.

Shareholder Rights: Citizens United and Delaware Corporate Governance Law
28 J. of Law & Politics 51 (2012)

Plato, The Prince, and Corporate Virtue: Philosophical Approaches to Corporate Social Responsibility
45 San Francisco U. L. Rev. 1 (2010) (co-author Colin Marks)

Congress, Corporate Boards, and Oversight: A Public Law / Private Law Comparison
44 U. Richmond L. Rev. 771 (2010)

A Fresh Look at the Constitutional Rights of Teens: Sex and Drugs at the Supreme Court
45 Idaho L. Rev. 71 (2008) (co-author Michael P. Forrest)

Updated Lessons in Conducting Basic Legal Research By Pro Se Litigants Who Cannot Afford an Attorney
11 Scholar 1 (2008) (co-authors Michael P. Forrest and Michael Martinez, Jr.)

Who Gets To Vote On What: Corporate Governance and Voter I.D. Laws (forthcoming)

United States, Qatar and Other Copyright Law: A Primer

First Weill-Cornel-Doha Library Conference
April 2015

Where to Begin: Student Interpretation of Purpose of Law based on Historic Beginnings

Second International Conference on Legal Education
November 2014

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