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NAFLP and LRWP to ABA: Outsourcing Study Must Include Solos/Smalls and Freelance Lawyers

As part of the its sweeping review of “the ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct and the U.S. system of lawyer regulation in the context of advances in technology and global legal practice developments,” the ABA’s Ethics 20/20 Commission has solicited comments about domestic and international legal process outsourcing. To help facilitate the information-gathering process, the Commission posed specific questions to lawyers and firms; clients; and outsourcing providers and invited general comments.

This, of course, was an invitation I couldn’t resist. Along with Melody Kramer and Amanda Mineer of the National Association of Freelance Legal Professionals, I submitted the following comment urging the Commission to take into account the impact that its study will have on both the solos and small firms that outsource legal work and the U.S.-based freelance lawyers who serve them:


Response to ABA Ethics 20/20 Call for Comments About Domestic and International Legal Process Outsourcing

Please share your views on this subject in the comments below. And, if you’re reading this on Friday, May 7, you still have a chance to share them with the ABA, too.

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