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Kimberly Alderman Rallies the Solo Troops at BSP

Ever since I met her, I have admired contract lawyer Kimberly Alderman: she combines a passion for legal research and writing with an adventurous spirit that is well-served by the flexibility of a contract lawyering career. But when I read her guest post today at Susan Cartier Liebel’s Build a Solo Practice, I was blown away.

The solo revolution that Kimberly so eloquently describes is a welcome development for the world of contract lawyering on two fronts. First, some of the lawyers who decide to hang a shingle will choose to pursue a contract lawyering career, contributing to the diversity and vitality of our little corner of the legal world. Second, many of the newly-minted solos will use the contract lawyering services provided by their solo comrades—maybe not next week, or next month, but down the road, as their practices become busier and more successful.

Kimberly rightly recognizes the critical role of technology in leveling the playing field (or should I say battlefield?). As a new contract lawyer in the mid-1990s, I had to drag many of my lawyer-clients kicking and screaming into the internet age, sometimes coaching them through such basic tasks as how to attach a document to an e-mail message; now, the solo and small firm lawyers who I work with are much more tech-savvy. The sluggish dial-up internet connections of yesteryear have been replaced with lightning-fast FIOS (in my neighborhood) or powerful satellite dishes that can provide internet access in remote areas (like Kimberly’s).

For more about the solo revolution, march on over to Build a Solo Practice for a rousing dose of inspiration!

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