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How it Works

  • You submit a match request through our website or by calling us at 914-595-6581.
  • We match you with the NCN freelance lawyer who is the best fit for you and send a Match Notice to that member; if you have a particular freelance lawyer in mind, we’ll match you with that member.
  • When the NCN freelance lawyer accepts the match, two things happen: (1) we’ll send you a link to the matched freelance lawyer’s profile; and (2) the matched freelance lawyer will contact you directly to discuss the details and terms of your engagement.
  • You and the NCN freelance lawyer enter into a services agreement for the engagement; NCN is not a party to that agreement.
  • During the engagement, you communicate directly with the NCN freelance lawyer about the engagement.
  • The NCN freelance lawyer bills you, via the convenient NCN Billing Platform, for the services provided at the time (before the work is performed, in stages, or after the work is completed) and on the basis (hourly or flat fee) set forth in the services agreement.
how legal outsourcing works at Now Counsel Network