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Benefits of Working with Freelance Lawyers

Avoid Time Pressures


Lawyers aren’t always in control of their own schedules. Deadlines—whether set by statute, court rule or judicial fiat—are ever-present. Frequently, it seems that everything must be done at once. Working with a Now Counsel Network freelance lawyer enables you to weather particularly busy periods without having to hire an employee or face time pressures that lead to attorney stress and burnout.

When your calendar’s humming along, working with a freelance lawyer can help free up your time to use however you want, whether that means building your business, spending more time with your family or taking a well-earned vacation.

Earn More Money


Hiring an associate requires a significant investment in both time and money. Your practice may be busy enough to benefit from working with a freelance lawyer on a project-by-project or temporary basis, but not busy enough to support another employee.

In fact, working with a freelance lawyer can enhance your firm’s bottom line. With one exception (Texas), all of the bar associations that have addressed the issue—including, most notably, the ABA—have determined that a firm may make a profit in connection with work performed by a freelance lawyer, as long as the total charges to the client are reasonable.

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Increase Efficiency


Many Now Counsel Network freelance lawyers focus on a particular aspect of law practice, most commonly legal research and writing. A freelance lawyer who concentrates in legal research and writing can complete those tasks in less time than a busy practitioner who may not be as familiar with the available resources or as experienced in searching large databases for sometimes elusive answers. You may already outsource other tasks to independent professionals, such as private investigators, in order to benefit from their expertise. Working with a Now Counsel Network freelance lawyer enables you to use your valuable time in a way that is most efficient for you and your clients.

Boost Career Satisfaction


Do you enjoy trying cases and taking and defending depositions, but dislike brief-writing? Perhaps you prefer client counseling and negotiating settlements to drafting discovery demands. Working with a Now Counsel Network freelance lawyer can enable you to focus on those tasks that you find most personally and professionally rewarding.