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About Now Counsel Network

Now Counsel Network helps helps solo and small firm lawyers increase profits, decrease stress and get their lives back.

As an active member of the solo and small firm community for 20 years, NCN’s founder, Lisa Solomon, saw that staffing issues are a perennial concern—often a struggle—for lawyers in smaller firms. She designed NCN to shoulder much of this burden. It does this in two ways.

First, before inviting an applicant to join its network, NCN confirms the applicant’s registration and disciplinary status, reviews a writing sample and interviews three references. All of NCN’s freelance lawyers have at least seven years of experience in law practice and/or as law school legal research and writing instructors, and have substantive expertise in a wide variety of practice areas.

Now Counsel Network

Second, when you need project-based or temporary support, NCN’s concierge-level service helps ensure that you’re matched with the NCN freelance lawyer who’s the best fit for your engagement based on practice area expertise, states of admission, skills, availability and other factors. Or, if you prefer, you can review complete profiles of NCN’s freelance lawyers yourself (no registration required) and asked to be matched with a particular network member.

Either way, NCN never charges you a fee to match you with a freelance lawyer. The bottom line: you spend less time dealing with professional staffing issues and more time focusing on other aspects of running your firm and on representing your clients.

Lisa’s Story

In the mid-1990s, I had a couple of years under my belt as an associate at a midtown Manhattan litigation boutique. I enjoyed the work, but the firm was going through some changes, prompting me and some of the other associates to look for different opportunities. At the time, my husband (also a lawyer) was also working full-time for a firm. We wanted to have children, and we knew that it would be hard to have the family life we wanted if we both followed traditional legal career paths.

In my first unorthodox career move, I accepted a position as an Educational Specialist at LexisNexis. In that role, I trained New York City-area law students on how to use the company’s software. While I wasn’t practicing law, I gained a lot of marketing experience. In my next move, I worked as a remote, full-time W-2 employee for a Boston-based firm where I had worked as a paralegal during college.

When that firm decided that it wanted me to be an independent contractor, I launched Lisa Solomon, Esq. Legal Research & Writing. While it wasn’t uncommon back then for new lawyers to get experience by doing “contract” work for other lawyers, I was one of the first lawyers to recognize and take advantage of the technological advances that make outsourcing legal research and writing services practical and profitable for firms of all sizes, to actively market my services as a freelance lawyer, and to make freelance lawyering a career rather than a temporary stage while developing a more traditional practice representing clients directly.

As freelance lawyering became better known as a career option, and as my practice gained a nationwide clientele as well as nationwide attention in the legal media, more and more lawyers asked me to teach them how to start and run practices as successful freelance lawyers. So, in 2006, I launched a coaching and consulting practice, Legal Research & Writing Pro, to enable other lawyers to have flexible and intellectual stimulating careers as freelance lawyers. (The information I provided through LRWP is now exclusively available to NCN freelance lawyers).

More recently, I realized that, as a solo freelance lawyer, I could help only a handful of the solo and small firm attorneys who could benefit from the services I provided. So I took another entrepreneurial leap, launching Now Counsel Network in June 2016. As NCN’s founder and CEO, I look forward to helping you increase your firm’s profits, decrease your stress and get your life back.

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